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  1. Password and Secret question
    1. To Change Your Password
    2. How to Choose Your Password
    3. To Ensure Your Privacy
    4. To set a Secret Question
    5. Why you should set Secret Question?
    6. What to do if you forget your Password?

  2. User Guide
    1. Your Email
      1. To check if you have New E-mail
      2. To Read Your E-mail
      3. To Move a Message from Inbox to other Folder
      4. To Delete Messages
      5. To Delete All Visible Messages

    2. Compose an Email
      1. To Compose a New E-mail Message
      2. To Compose an E-mail to Fax Message
      3. To Append Your Signature File to an E-mail Message
      4. To Edit a Global Message
      5. To Send an Attachment
      6. To Compose an HTML E-mail Message

    3. Address Book
      1. Nicknames
      2. To Send a Message to a Single Recipient
      3. To Send a Message to the Multiple Recipients
      4. To Import the Address Book of your Old Mail Program
      5. The Global Address Book and The User List

    4. Folders

    5. Administer
      1. Users
      2. To edit user's administrative rights

    6. Additional Features
      1. Message Filters
      2. Other Email Accounts(Hotmail/Yahoo!/POP3)
      3. Signature
      4. Auto Reply / Vacation Reply
      5. Secret Question
      6. Preferences
      7. POP Access

    7. Email Etiquette

  3. Personal Profile

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