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Remember me
Forget me!

Remember me

If you are the only one who uses your computer, you can select the Remember me option on the Log In page.
With this option you are automatically signed in and sent directly to your Inbox when you goto Log In page.

NOTE: For this feature to work your browser should support Cookies and JavaScript.

You can disable this feature by using Forget Me! link or by pressing Logout.

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Forget me!

You can use this link to undo the effect to Remember me link on the Log In page. (i.e. if you had clicked 'Remember me' checkbox). Thus, when you goto Log In page; the next time; you will be asked for the username and the password.

To undo the effect of Remember me:
  1. Click the Options link on the top horizontal menu bar.
    You are taken to the Options page.
  2. Click the Forget me! link.
  3. A box will pop up saying that 'Automatic Logging in is disabled'. Click 'Ok'
  4. The automatic 'Logging In' is now disabled.
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